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Here are just a Few of the Testimonials
we've received from Viewers of "PURR-FECT YOGA" :

"It's better than catnip !!"   - Whiskers

"I admit I was depressed. Look, I'm a long-hair, but I'd see a black sweater lying on a chair and I didn't even care. Then I found "PURR-FECT YOGA" - and let me tell you "Cashmere, here I come !"   - Binky

"Western doctors had given up on me. For years, I'd suffered from constant flatulence. Only "PURR-FECT YOGA" with my partner, Peepers, has finally given me relief."   -Frank Smith

Actual Documented Benefits of Practicing

  • Spiritual Awakenings
  • Fewer Hairballs
  • Improved Sexual Function
    * (Warning : Does apply to both species)
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Here are some Awards that the YogaKitty Site has won :
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Practice.   Purify.   Purr-fection.

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