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  • Yoga Bloopers
    Yoga teachers admit things they actually said in class
  • How Gay is your Pet?
    Find out if your pet is playing it straight or chasing a different type of tail.
  • The Jaded Monk
    A spiritually inadequate monk whose 12 pack-a-day habit is his only defense against the serenity of his surroundings
  • Cat Language
    Ever wondered where the phrase "Pussy Foot Around" comes from? Look up the history of your favorite cat expressions here.
    An online guide to Kundalini yoga. Learn all about the type of yoga Yogi Karl and Yogi Ovaria practice.
  • Buddha Mind
    A confusing, informative, visually stimulating mix o' stuff
    Art Paw creates custom works of art from snapshots of your pets. Check out their Warhols!

  • Yoga Point
    Yoga Links. An Official Site of Yoga Vidya Dham
  • Cat Hats
    Does your kitty need a party hat?
    An online guide to Hatha yoga, including a great visual guide to the asanas, or postures, of Hatha yoga
    Makers of fine fake animals for the film industry & museums

  • Laughter Yoga
    Laughter exercises and gentle yoga breathing enhance health and happiness.
  • Yoga Connect
    The online destination for yoga enthusiasts to connect outside the studio
  • Famous Cats
    An Index of Famous Cats Throughout History, in Reality and Fiction
  • Stuff On My Cat
    Do you like to put stuff on your cat? You're not alone...
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