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YogaKitty is a group of professional artists who
got together to create comedy content for the
web & other media. We're all available for hire.

Read our Bios below:

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[Diana pic] Diana Hamann - Director, Writer:  "PURR-FECT YOGA" videos.  Producer:  "PURR-FECT YOGA" videos & website.  Diana is a writer and director. She's currently working on a musical with her husband, "Yogi" Karl. She's been a Production Designer and Set Decorator, working in Film and Commercials for many years. Before that, she worked in Special Effects on such films as "Ghostbusters" & "Beetlejuice", usually puppeteering the tongue or cheekbone of some monster or other. Check her out on IMDB.

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[Karl pic] Karl Hamann - Actor, Writer:   "PURR-FECT YOGA". Karl is an Actor, Singer and Voice-Over Artist. He has Guest-starred on "Alias" and Co-starred on the finale of "Carnivale." Other credits include "Gilmore Girls", "3rd Rock From the Sun" and "The Practice." Before moving to LA, he did sketch comedy in New York as the taller, better-looking half of the team Hamann/Abrams. See his resume on Now Casting.

Click to see his Actor's Reel

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[Sharen pic] Sharen Davis - Executive Producer:   "PURR-FECT YOGA". Sharen is a Costume Designer for major motion pictures like "Dreamgirls", "Ray", "Nutty Professor 2", "Devil in a Blue Dress", and "Rush Hour". She has received two Academy Award nominations. She spent her first years in the film business in Special Effects where she and Diana met while bondo-ing space helmets.

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[Marc pic]

Marc Tyler - Fake Cat Puppet Builder:  "PURR-FECT YOGA". Animator, Director, Writer, Puppet-Builder:  "The Haunting of Edmund Crudge".
[Heidi pic] Heidi Tyler - Sculptor, Figure Finisher of Fake Cat:  "PURR-FECT YOGA". Sculptor, Writer, Figure Finisher:  "The Haunting of Edmund Crudge".
Marc & Heidi are puppet and prop builders for the film and entertainment industries and also make realistic animal replicas for museums. They run a sort of Mom and Pop creature shop. Their creations have appeared in many feature films, including "Stuart Little", "Instinct", and "Seven Years in Tibet". Check out their cool creatures at For added fun, click here to see their great animated Film, The Haunting of Edmund Crudge.

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[Tracy pic] Tracy Cronin - Editor:  "PURR-FECT YOGA". Tracy is an editor for Film, Television, & the Web. She works on both Avid and FinalCutPro. She owns a Canon XL1 DVD Camera and is beginning to direct & produce small video productions in-house.

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[Ted pic] Ted Rae - Director of Photography, Visual Effects Supervisor:  "PURR-FECT YOGA".
Ted is a Director of Photography and Visual Effects Supervisor for the Film Industry. His many credits include work on "Beetlejuice", "Starship Troopers", and "Nixon". Ted has been cooking up some great visual effects magic on his computer over the last few years.

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[Dana pic] Dana Williams - Technical Website Guru, Video Compressor and all-round technical advisor:  "PURR-FECT YOGA" &
Dana has been working with computers since the 1970's. He's a whiz at interfacing video & graphic production with computer technology. Dana's company, Design Computer, specializes in Character Generation, Photo Advertising Channels, and Custom Video Solutions. Design Computer can also provide you with Component Level Electronic Design, Programming Talent, and Video & Graphic Production. Clients include Fortune 500 Companies, Cable Operators, and Country Club Communities. See Dana's website at  Dana proudly holds the honor of being the only Conservative Libertarian member of Team YogaKitty.

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[Stephen pic] Stephen Boyd - Music Composer:   "PURR-FECT YOGA". Stephen composes music for Film, Television, and now - the Web. He runs Mediascore.

Contact Stephen through Diana at Reach Stephen by E-Mailing Diana

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[Tony pic] Tony DeVito - Lighting Designer/Gaffer:  "PURR-FECT YOGA". Tony is a Gaffer, Lighting Technician, & Grip for the Entertainment Industry. He was Gaffer for the 1997-99 Seasons of "NYPD Blue" & worked on the feature film "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as Rigging Gaffer & Best Boy. He runs his own rental company for Lighting & Grip equipment. Everybody loves Tony, especially his wife Julianne & sons Christopher & Alex.

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[Mike pic] Michael Moreira- Logo Design, Website Designer:
Michael is a graphic designer for print, web and multimedia. He also is a songwriter and engineer/producer, maintaining a project studio. Did he design a nice site for us or what? Check out Michael's music website at

Contact Michael at

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[Ryan pic] Ryan Wilson - Puppeteer, Playback Technician & All-Round Best Boy:  "PURR-FECT YOGA". Ryan is a Art Department Leadman, working in Commercial & Film Production. He's the only Conservative Republican within the YogaKitty community (but we love him anyway).

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[Elaine pic] Yogi Elaine - Yoga Consultant & All-Round Best Girl:  "PURR-FECT YOGA". Elaine is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She is Karl & Michael's teacher. She also sells high-end art for a living and is an inspiration to all those around her.

Elaine cannot be contacted at the present time. She's on a spiritual retreat in Wichita, Kansas.

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[Todd pic] Tonide Dolinke - Flying Pussy Cartoonist: Tonide is a artist & bread-maker who specializes in caricatures and personal massage. At 24, he runs his own yeasting silicone fabrication shop that specializes in custom audible solutions and time management. His hobbies are smoking, amateur pyrotechnics and fingerless painting. He dreams of a day where everyone can smile without trying.

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[Chuck pic] Charlie Westfall - Playback Technology Expert:  "PURR-FECT YOGA". Charlie runs Chas Westfall Video, a playback rental company for the entertainment industry. His equipment is state-of-the art & he's a lot of fun to hang out with on set.

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[Ovaria pic] Yogi Ovaria - The Original Yogakitty:  "PURR-FECT YOGA". Ovaria arrived on Diana's doorstep in a rainstorm and deposited three kittens in her bed the next morning. She's been a great companion ever since.

Ovaria does not receive calls. She includes her many fans in her daily meditation, wishing them a peaceful existence on this plane.

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